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Located in Maxwell, NE



About 10 miles southeast of North Platte you will find the heart of Lazy Vista Ranch nestled in the Loess Canyons of Nebraska. Cody and Becky Shellabarger are the owners of this beautiful scenic ranch (hence the name Lazy Vista).

Becky started her life helping out on the family farm around Valentine Nebraska and has since spent the remainder of her time in the care giving industry. First as a CNA then working her way up to being a clinical coordinator. In the Summer of 2015, Becky and Cody purchased a campground at Lake Maloney, named CB's Hideaway. Becky then decided to step back from being a care giver and concentrate on running the campground. In April of 2023 we decided to sell the  campground to allow us to spend more of our time at the Ranch. Becky brings her care giving skills and love for animals to this wonderful environment. She spends hours each day working with the calves at Lazy Vista Ranch, hand feeding, brushing, halter training, and just admiring the shear beauty of these amazing animals.

While in junior high and high school Cody worked on a family farm south of Cambridge, Nebraska. This is where Cody fell in love with the idea that some day he would own his own farm or ranch. Cody is a U.S. Veteran, serving both in the United States Navy and Nebraska National Guard. Cody started his civilian career as a Parts Manager for a Toyota Dealership in North Platte, NE. In 2009 Cody started his own mowing and snow removal business and has serviced clients including Walmart, FedEx, Hobby Lobby, Union Pacific Railroad, and numerous local businesses. In 2010, Cody started taking care of the property that Lazy Vista Ranch encompasses. At first sight of this property, Cody knew that God willing he would some day own this beautiful piece of land. In 2020 this dream came true for Cody and Becky!

After much research, Cody and Becky decided on Scottish Highlands as their choice breed. They are very docile, easy to handle and halter train, easy keepers and the meat is lower in cholesterol and fat, but higher in protein than all other breeds of cattle. Highland cattle are one of the oldest registered breed of cattle with a Herd Book being published in 1885. Highlands require little in the way of shelter, feed supplements, or expensive grains to achieve and maintain good condition and fitness. In fact, Highland cattle seem to enjoy conditions in which many other breeds would perish.

Here at Lazy Vista Ranch we are raising and developing Scottish Highland cattle that can thrive in hill country with less than ideal forage where commercial cattle just won't cut it, similar to where they originated from.  The Highlands we raise are moderate framed, easy fleshing, with good feet and udders all while striving to maintain the original Highland breed standards along with creating easy handling animals for people to work with whether it be for Show stock, breeding stock, or just a personal pet for a small acreage.

In our fold you will find bloodlines from:  Bairnsley Highlands, Gilchrist, Bennachie Farms, LEA-White Farms, Drover Hill, EZ Acres, Trafalgar Square Farms,Cobblestone Farms, Holy Cross, LSR, Eagles Nest, J bar T, HSC, Colored Rain, Thistledown's, Summit Ranch, Symbiosis Ranch, Schon Boden's, and Elm Hollow.  With names like Finley Falls Duncan, Gusgurlach of Windrush. Orison of Culfoich, Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley, DH Exclusive, DH Excitement HSC Steel Reserve, HSC Rebel's Jack, LEA Haaken, Trafalgar Nathan, DH Montgomery, Sunset Rebel Yell, CBS Yaz's Yukon Jack,Skye High Wayward Son, Top Gun 1 of Mapleview, STR Homeland, Symbiosis Lady Taelyn, Summit Ranch Shaelyn, Symbiosis Lady Whitsby, Windemere Fancy  and many more quality animals!
COMING SOON: Zeus of Swains, Summit Ranch Uzzi, and Jock of Mapleview offspring!



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