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Holy Cross Jackie is another large framed girl. She fleshes easy and maintains good body condition on less than desirable pastures according to her previous owner and what we have witnessed here in 2022. She came to us with J bar T's Heather. J bar T purchased Jackie as a heifer calf and they currently have one of her offspring in their breeding program. Holy Cross Jackie and J bar T's Heather have been together for the last 11 years. Currently Holy Cross Jackie is AI'd to Broadstone 18th of Stonecliffe for a 2023 spring calf. Broadstone 18th of Stonecliffe is the record setting son of the 1994 National Champion GOF Broadstone 13B. He had the top yearling weight and was tied for the top selling bull at the 2000 AHCA Bull Test setting a breed record for price at auction. His average daily weight gain from birth to one year of age was 2.5 pounds per day! We can not wait to see what this combination is going to produce!!!
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